A Not So Frozen Christmas!

The Kingdom of Ar’ndelle rings in the holiday season! But something is missing! 
Christmas mood and traditions seemed to be lost.  Join the adventure as we go on a merry hunt to bring home
the very best traditions and save Christmas. 
Come in your best winter outfit, as we promise you a freezing mystery a scene filled with
laughter, song and dance. Make your own Christmas ornaments.
The workshop will end with a performance.  

Age Group / Fees/ Duration

7 – 11 years old / $150 / 6 hours

Available sessions
(date, day, time)

7 December, Wednesday | 10am – 4pm

Learning outcomes

At the end of the workshop, learners will be able to:
1. Learn how to sing the songs with proper technique 
2. Understand the scene and portray the characters with intentions and feelings
3.Move and Dance to the song
4.Perform the songs and scene with conviction
5. Learn to make Christmas ornaments