When Is the Right Age for My Child to Start Singing Lessons?


The human voice is a natural instrument capable of producing a huge variety of musical expressions through intrinsic feeling and desire. If your child has exhibited a talent or passion for singing, you might be wondering when would be the right age for them to start formal singing lessons in Singapore. The question of “the right age” is non-existent for many extra-curricular and enrichment activities. Nonetheless, this is a relevant question to ask when it comes to singing lessons as human vocal cords continue to grow and change throughout the years especially during puberty, but also long after.

Is My Child Too Young for Singing Lessons? 

While the voice only starts to mature around puberty, there are many skills that children can learn through participating in singing lessons. Instead of waiting for “the right age” to start vocal lessons, it might be more productive to evaluate the different areas related to singing that a child can learn at different developmental stages in their lives. 

MindChamps Académie of Stars’ specialised singing programme caters to children as young as 4 years of age. Based on a philosophy that learning the fundamentals of voice production leads to better and healthy singing, its singing curriculum aims to holistically nurture both technical musical skills and non-technical interpersonal skills in young learners. Exercises like vocal warm ups and breathing techniques are instrumental components in any singer’s toolkit. Such necessary knowledge will accompany all students throughout their singing careers long past their childhood years.

Musicianship Is For Every Age

Many musicians would agree that that learning journey is as much the reward as the audience’s applause after delivering a powerful performance on stage. Musicianship is not limited or restricted to a certain age group. Nurture your child’s innate passion and talent for singing alongside learned skills like voice production, sight singing and solfège from a young age to build an early confidence in their identity as musicians and performers. Learning never stops and this age-old adage has never been more true than when applied to the arts. 

There will always be new skills to master and new songs to sing, but firm foundations make all the difference. Students who graduate from their singing lessons at MindChamps Académie of Stars will walk away with more than just a Classical Singing Graded Certification from ABRSM and Musical Theatre Graded Certification from Trinity College. They will also walk away with a Champion Mindset where creative thought, the ability to communicate effectively, and the confidence to express one’s unique self uninhibitedly is nurtured and valued. These certifications by internationally renowned independent assessment boards are tangible proof of your child’s hard work and hard skills, but equally important are the interpersonal skills they will learn throughout their time singing within the Académie’s music rooms.

Enrol Your Child for Singing Lessons in Singapore

The MindChamps Académie of Stars is Singapore’s premier performing arts school for young learners. In addition to the specialised Singing programme, you’ll also be able to find other artistic programmes focused on performance training, public speaking, acting and more. Every child will have their preferred avenue of artistic expression but a talent for singing, coupled with dancing and acting can turn a child into a versatile triple threat performer with the ability to succeed in a range of different fortes and stand out from the ordinary.  

Holistic learning lies at the core of MindChamps Académie of Stars. All programmes are designed with the bigger picture of a child’s overall character development in mind to ensure that every learner that passes through the Académie walks out a more well-rounded individual with the ability to resiliently tackle obstacles and break through barriers of fear both on and off the stage. Visit the MindChamps Académie of Stars centre located at Singapore’s Marina Square in-person to find out more about the performing arts programmes on offer.