Try These 5 Most Popular TikTok Dances of All Time At Home

The world of TikTok may still be quite a mystery to you, but it is one of the most popular apps among kids and teens, with almost a third of its user base under 19 years old. TikTok is all about discovering the current trends and you’ll find everything from the newest coffee flavours to money tips and the latest pop culture memes. Another big draw of TikTok are the dance trends. These easy-to-learn dances are synonymous with the social media platform and have fuelled many dance challenge trends.

TikTok dances can be a fun activity that involves the whole family including kids from toddlers to teens. Worried that you have two left feet? You’ll be able to find a number of instructional videos for popular TikTok dances, so you can take your time to get familiar with the dance and then run the rest of your family through it. While some TikTok dances can be quite challenging and designed for the TikTok experts, but many are easy and even your toddler can get in on the action.

Here are some popular kid-friendly TikTok dances that have been consistently trending. Gather the family and be on your way to becoming TikTok famous!

Get dancing with these popular TikTok trends

1. TikTok Chicken Dance

The Chicken Dance is a fun one to loosen up and get started without much complex choreography! It’s a dance and prank all rolled into one — get everyone onboard to dance like chickens. As everyone starts, you back away leaving only the kids to the chicken-dancing. Get ready for all the laughing that will follow. 

2. Siren Beat

This is a classic on TikTok. The kids can easily join in on the trend with the easy choreography. There are even videos of teachers doing the Siren Beat with the entire classroom, so it’s a great one to go for with the entire family. 

3. Unicorn Dance

Unleash your imagination with The Unicorn Dance. This quick and fun routine is great for the younger ones to dance around with some uncomplicated fist pumping and fun spins. Perfect for a #kidschallenge.

4. Blinding Lights Dance

The Blinding Lights challenge is not the easiest but it’s made for stars in training. Fun and featuring a catchy tune, kids can do this dance solo or with the whole family. Bring out this dance for some movement on days when the kids have spent too much time studying or in front of the screen.

5. Oh Na Na Na Dance

A much-loved TikTok dance challenge, Oh Na Na Na  has two variations — an older one that tests your footwork and stamina, and a fun and refreshing newer one with easier steps made viral by professional dancer Maja Salvador and her daughter. Enjoy polishing up your movements and conquer the stage as a family with this dance.

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