Tips to Prepare Your Child for Their First Social Media Account

In today’s digital world, social media has become a part of everyday life. This holds true for both you and your children. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube — whichever social media platform you name, it has a purpose in our technologically driven lives and strong following from the young to the young-at-heart. While social media can be used for entertainment, staying connected, communicating and socialising, and a multitude of other purposes, it is important for us to understand the foundation of using social media and the best practices that ground our usage.

Our children are intrinsically familiar with technology. But when the time comes for their first social media account, we should educate ourselves on popular social media so that we can guide their usage. We should aim for our children to enjoy and be inspired by all the talent that’s showcased online, perhaps even share their own talent online, while maintaining their privacy and safely navigating the tricky online world. Let’s take a look at some ways to prepare your child for their first social media foray.

Preparing to Step Into The World of Social Media

Start with Research

Get to know what social media platforms your child is interested in as well as the popular ones currently. If you don’t have an account yet, set one up and educate yourself on what each platform offers and how it’s being used. Some of these platforms have age restrictions. Speak to your child to let them know about why there are age restrictions. They can either hold off joining until they meet the age limit or you can create an account for them which you will monitor or use with them.

Open Communication

It is crucial to keep open lines of communication with your child. Reserve judgement or harsh rules. When you show empathy and support, your child is more likely to open up to you and be honest instead of going on social media secretly. When your child is setting up their first social media account, it is also a good time to educate them on privacy, inappropriate behaviour, online safety and cyberbullying. Help your child understand that you’re there for them if they have any questions, or if they encounter any cyberbullying or harassment online. You can even share some perspective with social media challenges you’ve encountered and how you got through them.

Setting Rules and Limits

Take time to discuss rules and social media limits with your child. Sit with them, set up and review their social media account together. Agree on rules and what is expected ahead of their first usage, and educate them on the limits of sharing their identity, posts, photos, comments and communicating with people they don’t know online. This is also a good time to set a daily use limit to avoid technology overload and put proper privacy settings in place. The key is communicating with your child every step of the way and explaining why all of this is done.

A Stage for Your Little Star to Shine

Beyond using social media, has your child shown interest in creating content for any of the platforms themselves? If they do, you have a growing star on your hands! Social media can be a fantastic opportunity for children to discover their performing talents. If your child is particularly inclined towards music, dance, drama or has other artistic talent, their social media account can be a platform for them to shine. It can even serve as a portfolio in future to gain enrolment into performing arts classes to hone their talent even further.

The first step is to identify your child’s strength in performing arts. From music to dance to theatre, the performing arts gives children an avenue to explore their creativity, demonstrate their emotions and explore self-expression. You can sign up your child for performance training lessons at MindChamps Académie of Stars to get them started on their journey of discovery. Our singing, speech and drama, musical theatre and public speaking classes will give your child the skills and confidence to shine on social media and beyond! Get in touch with us to know more about our signature and specialised performing arts programmes today.