Theatre: Acting

AGE: 9 years old and above

This is a performance-based program that students learn acting skills. The lessons consist of vocal exercises, physical warm-ups, theatre games, analysis of script, character and scene work. Students will present monologues and 2 to 3-persons scenes at the end of each semester.


AGE: 7-12 years old


CERTIFICATES: Trinity College Acting Certification Grades 1-6


AGE : 13-19 years old


CERTIFICATES: Trinity College Acting Certification Grades 3-8

ALL-STARS Theatre Company

By Audition only

CLASS CURATION: 180 mins once a week


AGE : 7 years old and above

CLASS CURATION: 60 min per lesson from initial grade and above

ONE-TO-ONE lesson with acting trainer

Class Type
DESCRIPTION 7-12 years old group class
This specialisation can be used for DSA Preparation in Theatre / Drama Trinity College Acting Certificates Grade 1-6
DURATION/SESSIONS • 90 minutes per session
• 20 sessions a term
• Based on Schedule
DESCRIPTION 13-19 years old group classTrinity College Acting Certificates Grade 3-8
DURATION/SESSIONS • 90 mins per session, once a week
• 20 sessions in a term
ALL-STARS Theatre Company
DESCRIPTION By audition only.
DURATION/SESSIONS • 180 min once a week
• 20 weeks
DESCRIPTION ONE-TO-ONE lesson with Acting Trainer
1. In preparation for graded exams in Acting
2. DSA Preparation for Theatre or Drama required pieces
3. Competition
4. Audition Coaching
DURATION/SESSIONS • 7 year old and above
• 60 min per lesson from initial grade and above
• 20 hours in preparation for a grade
• Numbers of sessions: To be determined by the trainer/coach
• Lesson schedule: To be mutually agreed with trainer and students

Our acting as well as speech and drama classes for kids and teens help to equip young learners with foundational skills to nurture their interest in acting. Along the way, students will also develop their interpersonal and emotional skills through both group and solo assignments. As the leading acting school for young talents in Singapore, our Champion Mindset imbues learners with the confidence, creativity, and resilience needed to help them overcome obstacles in life - both on and off the stage.

  • Develop acting potential
  • Sharpen skills in interpretation of scripts through analysis
  • Ability to PERFORM pieces
    Improve communication and public speaking skills
  • Develop confidence
  • Develop social skills and teamwork through rehearsals and collaborations

MindChamps Académie of Stars takes our students’ interest in acting seriously, and are dedicated to nurturing the creative mind in each and every student. At the end of their classes, students will receive an Acting Graded Certification from TRINITY COLLEGE, an international independent exam and assessment board for the performing arts.

This Certification affirms students’ ability in speech and drama skills as well as non-technical skills such as interpersonal communication that are transferable into the school or workplace. At Level 3 (Advance), the Certification is eligible for UCAS points that can be used for university admission in the UK.

Stage Performances : Actor's Showcase

Acting Graded Certification from

Level 1: Foundation TRINITY COLLEGE Grade 1-3
Level 2: Intermediate TRINITY COLLEGE: Grade 4-5
Level 3: Advance TRINITY COLLEGE Grade 6-8
(UCAS points Award FOR UK University admission)
Curriculum Overview

Our speech and drama curriculum covers a range of technical and non-technical skills that will support and guide students throughout their acting career. Our classes develop the holistic learner to equip students with the knowledge needed to pursue their acting goals even after graduating from our school.

  • Voice production
  • Speech techniques
  • Characterization
  • Role analysis
  • Stage movement
  • Physical
  • Improvisation
  • Scene Study
  • Monologues
  • 2-3 persons scenes
  • Audition skills
  • Making slates / audition reels