The Power of Song: 3 Benefits From Singing At An Early Age

Songs have been a part of our lives for centuries. From rhymes to reggae, we belt out tunes to teach new information, pass along facts, and remember past events. Often underrated, singing can also have a tremendous positive effect on a child’s mind and body. Here are three benefits that singing can provide for young children who start at a young age.

1. Improve speech and develop language skills

Vocal training at an early age can help to prevent voice problems later in life. As singing makes use of the muscles in the respiratory system and involves deep breathing, it can improve your child’s articulation, enunciation, pronunciation, and voice projection.

Singing can also help develop your little one’s skills in vocabulary and grammar, helping your little one learn new words and sounds quickly. This is because children tend to remember information better when it is presented through songs. So, the next time your preschooler asks for help with his spelling or math, try turning it into a song together! 

2. Encourage creativity and self-expression

Other than developing speech and language skills, learning how to sing at an early age can also help to encourage your child’s creativity and self-expression. By getting him to write and sing simple songs about his daily life, it can help him better communicate his thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This can boost his confidence in expressing how he feels.

Sending your child to choir groups or singing classes can teach him how to work cooperatively with others to achieve a common goal. The children can work through problems together, connect with others, and have more opportunities for socialisation.

3. Faster improvement 

Did you know that the younger you start practising a skill, the faster your improvement? This is especially true for children and why they can improve faster than adults. Children who start singing lessons at a young age typically see a greater improvement in their vocal abilities as compared to those who take lessons when they are older. 

This translates to a whole host of other positive benefits. When your little one improves quickly, he builds more confidence in himself, which gives him the impetus to continue learning and growing.

Never Too Early To Start Singing

If you’re considering starting your child in voice classes, there’s no time like the present. Not only will he see faster improvement in his vocal techniques, but he’ll also be getting a headstart in developing his speech and language skills as well as self-confidence.

So, sign up your child for singing lessons at Singapore’s premier performing arts school MindChamps Académie of Stars and help him develop a lifelong love for music today!