Singing Tips: How To Be A Better Singer

As the year comes to an end, there is nothing more exciting to your child than the start of school holidays and the promise of more free time away from school work and lessons. However, for parents of budding singers and soon-to-be stars, this extra time during the holidays will be a great opportunity to focus on your child’s singing skills and ways to improve them. 

Much like any vocal coach will tell you, knowing how to sing well is a skill that takes effort, time and practice to develop. And while taking singing classes in Singapore is always a good idea, there are also some fun things you can do at home to help children better their vocal skills easily daily. 

After all, singing is meant to be an enjoyable activity. Hence, there is no need to get too uptight around it at home. The most crucial concern is for everyone involved to be happy and excited to learn more! To help you get started, here are several tips and ideas you might want to try with your child. 

Establishing Regular Exercise Routines as Family Bonding Time 

As a strong heart and lungs are essential for singers, ensuring that your child is moving can be a great way to better their physical stamina and indirectly build vocal strength. 

Due to their schooling hours and homework requirements, it can be more difficult to find time to engage in physical activities with kids during school days. But now that the school holidays are around the corner, you can develop regular exercise routines to improve your child’s endurance much more easily. Show them how it’s done and take these exercises as an opportunity to spend quality time together. Activities can include aerobic exercises like swimming, cycling, walking or hiking as well as game sessions such as a few rounds of Wii Sports or basketball. 

Family Karaoke with Proper Warm-ups

Another fun activity to try with your children is at-home karaoke sessions with the family on Friday or weekend nights. As you belt out your favourite tunes and bond over music with your child, you can also include vocal exercises before the start of every session to familiarise them with the practice.

  • Breathing Exercises: Develop lung capacity by practising how to do breathing exercises. From deep and controlled breathing to quick breaths and exaggerated pants, these exercises train the diaphragm to expand deeper and longer, which in turn helps in vocal strength. 
  • Stretches: Singing is done with the whole body, so ensuring your child’s body is ready for a good singing session is great practice. Try to bend and stretch the joints with your child, loosen up the limbs, do some head-rolls or jump around with them. A tip is to get them excited for the parent-child sing-off and express it with your body.
  • Lip Trills: This is a classic vocal exercise and vibration technique that is helpful in training consistent breath flow while reducing excessive muscle tension. While it may be tricky to master, do take some time to practice with your child. Once they get better at it, challenge them by experimenting with different tones and pitches to widen their range further!

Engaging Workshops at Reputable Performing Arts School in Singapore

Alternatively, for parents of avid stage lovers or enthusiastic performers eager to polish their talents, singing workshops conducted by professionals will be a better option. 

As the leading performing arts school for youths in Singapore, at MindChamps Academie of Stars, you can be assured that your child will learn proper singing techniques and tips from some of the best coaches in Singapore. With dedicated training from vocal instructors with years of experience, your child will be exposed to valuable vocal skills and knowledge such as proper breath pacing, placements of jaw and tongue and pitch exercises, amongst many others. 

Making full use of the school holiday and the free time off, we offer enticing holiday workshops that are engaging and effective in grooming young singing talents. Within a nurturing and supportive environment, our classes provide guidance for their vocals and a safe space to let them express themselves and find their love for performing arts. 

With a little practice and guidance from our committed team of instructors, your child will be well on their way to becoming a great singer! Fill in this simple enquiry form for more information on our school holiday workshops.