Singing is the craft of producing beautiful music with our voice. It is a great way for children to develop their vocal skills and express themselves. Taking vocal classes in Singapore can teach them how to use their voices properly, improving both their techniques and their confidence. MindChamps Académie of Stars believes that the foundation to better and healthy singing is established with the fundamentals of voice production. Repertoire is selected from a wide range of classical, musical theatre and pop repertoire for voice students, leading to performances and goals of achieving graded certifications.

AGE: 4 years old and above

Curriculum Overview

Our vocal and singing lessons for children in Singapore offer a curriculum that covers both technical and non-technical skills that set the foundations for their singing career. Our holistic approach helps cultivate and support our students by equipping them with the necessary knowledge to pursue their singing goals even after graduation.

​ Additional offers : Students can also choose to record songs through professional studio recording for archival or commemorative occasions e.g. Christmas, birthdays.

Class Type
DESCRIPTION One-to-One lesson with Singing Trainer in preparation for:
• graded exams in classical, musical theatre or pop
• non-exam-based repertoire development
• recitals and performances
Singing students can also opt for recording sessions to be included in the singing lesson at an extra fee.
DURATION/SESSIONS • 4-6 years old: 45 mins per session (preparatory)
• 7 years old and above : 60 mins per lesson (Grade 1 and above)
• Levels & Grading: Grades 1-8, ABRSM; Diplomas
DESCRIPTION Training includes vocal technique, harmony, sight singing and aural skills, as well as movement and performance training.
DURATION/SESSIONS • 90 mins per session, once a week
• 20 sessions in a term
DESCRIPTION One-to-One session with Performance Coach in preparation for recording, IB portfolio, DSA music preparation, performances and competitions
DURATION/SESSIONS • 60 mins per session
• Number of sessions to be discussed and assessed by the coach.
DESCRIPTION Vocal and singing lessons can consist of 2 or more students. This is a private group wherein the students can form their own groupings.
DURATION/SESSIONS • 60 mins per session
• Lesson schedule to be mutually agreed upon by the trainer and group.

Our vocal and singing lessons for kids will equip young learners with foundational vocal training techniques and skills to further nurture their interest and innate talent in singing. Whilst this may be the primary objective, our vocal classes are also designed to develop our students’ interpersonal and emotional skills. As Singapore’s leading singing school for young talents, MindChamps Académie of Stars strives to nurture a Champion Mindset in each and every of our students. It is with this teaching methodology that our students can overcome obstacles in life - both on and off the stage.

  • Develop correct foundation for voice production
  • Uninhibited self-expression
  • Perform confidently before an audience
  • Build a repertoire of songs for performances

Birthed from the desire to nurture young creative minds, MindChamps Académie of Stars takes our students’ learning and development seriously. Our students will graduate from their vocal and singing lessons with two types of certifications: Classical Singing Graded Certification from ABRSM and Musical Theatre Graded Certification from Trinity College. Both institutions represent an international independent exam and assessment board for the performing arts.

With these certifications, students are able to offer tangible proof of their vocal abilities as well as soft skills, such as interpersonal and communication skills, and display them in spaces beyond our classrooms.

Performances : 2 recitals a year
- Classical Singing Graded Certification from ABRSM
- Musical Theatre Graded Certification from Trinity College

Lesson Content

1. Vocal Warm Ups
2. Breathing; Voice Production and Vocal Technique
3. Musicianship: Solfege, sight singing, aural skill development
4. Song Study and Repertoire Development
5. Performance training.