Preparing Your Child to DSA into Singapore’s Top Secondary Schools

Singapore’s secondary-level Direct School Admission (DSA-Sec) programme allows students to secure early placements in their secondary school of choice before even taking their national exams. 

These DSA applications are judged on a myriad of different bases which differ across individual schools. However, the broad range of bases can be synthesised into three general areas: academic performance; non-academic portfolio; and the ability to impress during auditions or interviews. 

MindChamps Académie of Stars has put together this piece to guide parents on how they can best prepare their child to DSA into Singapore’s top secondary schools, by examining these three selection criteria in the context of Singapore’s best secondary-level educational institutions.

1. Academic Performance

Though not mandatory for all secondary school DSA programmes, most of Singapore’s top secondary schools require applicants to have strong, consistent academic performance records in their respective primary schools. This is applicable even if the grounds they are basing their applications on is built upon their strengths in non-academic fields.

In other words, as long as your child is planning to submit a DSA application, their academic results for their P5 and P6 non-national exams must showcase a degree of capacity and capability.

Participation—or better yet, a demonstration of excellence—in academic competitions such as the Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge is also often a must when it comes to DSA applications for prestigious secondary schools.

2. Non-Academic Portfolio

To secure a place in the best secondary schools, your child must have a robust portfolio that speaks of their non-academic capabilities and talents to support their DSA application. This can include their strengths in areas such as: 

  • Leadership
  • Sports and games
  • Uniformed groups
  • Visual, literary, and performing arts
  • Debate and public speaking
  • Language and humanities
  • Science, mathematics, and engineering

In this regard, you’d want to help your child build a portfolio comprising:

  • Representing the school in a CCA, especially if they’ve won medals or other titles
  • Holding a role in an external play, performance, or creative production of any form
  • Doing exceptionally well in a non-syllabus niche, such as creative writing or robotics
  • Taking up leadership roles (prefect, student mentor, CCA captain or executive comittee member, etc.)

3. Acing Auditions and Interviews

On top of presenting a consolidated portfolio of outstanding academic and non-academic performance, your child also needs to be able to ace the online auditions and interviews as part of the DSA application screening process. 


For auditions, you’ll want your child to focus on honing their respective crafts that their DSA applications are built upon. On top of that, your child has to maintain their composure and showcase the true extent of their talents throughout the formal evaluation process. This applies for the interview stage as well.


DSA applications submitted to Singapore’s top secondary schools are notorious for being extremely competitive. So much so that the opportunity for your child to truly differentiate themselves often lies squarely within the interview stage of the application process. 

To best prepare your child for the interview stage, make sure that they are first well acquainted with the likely questions they will be asked

To seal the deal, your child must possess the required communication skills to artfully express their ideas and feelings, even when under pressure. Specifically curated to fulfil this need is a DSA interview preparation course by MindChamps Académie of Stars: Champion Communication for DSA Interviews

MindChamps Académie of Stars courses promote effective communication using the Champion Mindset, which helps your child discover their unique self and voice to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Preparing for the DSA-Sec with MindChamps Académie of Stars

MindChamps Académie of Stars has carefully curated programmes to help your child discover their Champion Self and excel during the DSA-Sec application process. Our signature DSA Preparation Art Form programme takes a more holistic approach than generic speech improvement classes, by offering Theatre, Music, Dance, and Literary Arts classes in preparation for DSA. 

The DSA Preparation Art Form programme is designed to ensure your child is fully equipped to tackle their DSA application with stark preparedness and confidence, using the Champion Mindset to build up their confidence, versatility, and resilience. 

Students enrolled in the programme will be irrefutably set apart from the rest of their peers with guided preparation in:

  • International certifications and audition reel preparation for students in the performing arts;
  • Honed multi-genre creative skills and portfolio preparation for students in the literary arts

Contact us today for more information on programmes at MindChamps Académie of Stars or check out other students’ success stories.