Performing Arts in Singapore — More than Fun & Frolic

Many have the misconception that performing arts classes in Singapore are merely about fun and frolic for children to indulge in, especially when juxtaposed with more mainstream academic subjects that often garner more attention in both schools and homes. However, numerous studies have shown this to be anything but true, with an entire suite of advantageous benefits enjoyed by childrens (remove s) enrolled in performing arts schools or classes. Here are some of the key findings with regards to the benefits of the performing arts when it comes to a child’s growth, development, and academic pursuits in Singapore:

Performing Arts Classes Build Resilience

When interacting with core subjects in school curriculums, students often experience a sense of danger when it comes to making mistakes. However, performing arts classes allow freedom of expression and exploration without as much of a risk of judgement or punishment. Students given the opportunity to pursue performing arts in Singapore are thus privy to a safe space where they can focus on and gain a growth mindset that builds resilience and perseverance.

Find out more about how to build resilience in your child, and how performing arts classes can benefit them in this regard.

Grooms Self-Confidence in Children

The performing arts also allow children to showcase their talents. In other words, it instils pride. When a child pours their heart and soul into their training or a larger-scale project they have undertaken in their performing arts classes, they will naturally feel a huge sense of accomplishment, especially when it comes to fruition on a larger stage upon completion. 

The performing arts empower children in Singapore to groom their self-confidence as they go about realising their personal visions and help them establish a healthy self-image amidst peers that grow and strive together. Read up more on how to raise a confident child and how enrolling them in a performing arts school can groom their self-confidence

Self-Discipline as a Natural By-Product

Due to the subjective nature inherent to the performing arts, students who attend performing arts classes in Singapore often become sustained, self-directed learners as opposed to an outlet for stored facts from direct instruction. As students of varying levels and aptitudes will face different obstacles, they are pushed to form their own self-managed routines to accomplish their given tasks, with substantial degrees of austerity required to ensure they keep themselves on track in terms of their personal training, without being distracted or discouraged by the varying regiments of their peers. 

In other words, self-discipline is very much a natural by-product of performing arts classes that childrens (remove s) of all ages and proficiencies can benefit from in Singapore.

Strengthens Crucial Communication Skills

Since collaboration and teamwork are essential to the performing arts, students attending performing arts classes in Singapore learn not only how to become a better team player, but also how to communicate with others effectively. Through active performance preparation, children become adept at expressing and discussing their ideas in a conducive environment, while also mastering the art of non-verbal communication through their exploits in music, dance, and theatre.

Learn more about effective communication as a life skill, and how attending performing arts classes can help your child develop this unique skillset. 

Improvements in Academic Performance

And to top it all off, the benefits of performing arts classes even extend to traditional classrooms. Engaging in performing arts improves a child’s imagination and creativity, while also boosting their ability to focus and concentrate on tasks at hand — factors which strongly influence a student’s academic performance and outcomes. Children enrolled in performing arts schools in Singapore have also been shown to demonstrate improved verbal, reading, and mathematical skills, along with higher-order thinking such as problem-solving or situational analyses. 

Opens Doors of Future Career Prospects

Lastly, having a foundation in the performing arts in Singapore can also open future doors of opportunity with regards to highly viable creative careers which, over recent years, have been largely rising in popularity. Discover more about how creative careers in the performing arts and how you can setup your child for success in the field.    

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