• All Choir members must be a registered K2 student of MindChamps group of pre – schools (2022) 
  • Members must register for the choir via MindChamps Academie of Stars website
  • Membership is $50 per student for a year
  • Training and rehearsal schedule must be adhered to. Punctuality to be observed
  • Choir members must attend ALL training.  Absence is to be accompanied by a valid letter of excuse or medical certificate  
  • Members absent more than 3 times from training will lose membership status from the choir  
  • Show rehearsals on site are compulsory  
  • Choir members must wear training uniforms during classes and rehearsal i.e., MCAOS tee shirts, dark slacks, and closed black shoes  
  • Choir members must pay for 1. Choir tee-shirts 2. Performance costumes 
  • Choir members are responsible for all other incidental cost such as transport cost, files, learning materials if needed
  • Choir members must pay a per semester insurance of $10
    All prices are subject to prevailing GST   

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