How To Prepare Your Child For A Big Audition


The time has come. The one shot, one opportunity for your budding star to shine and impress the judges. 

It’s totally normal for your kid (and you!) to feel anxious jitters about the impending scrutiny by a panel of judges. Auditioning for a big show can be a nerve-racking experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether your child is trying out for a musical theatre role, a dance concert, or a youth singing competition in Singapore, it all boils down to one thing — preparation. By taking the right steps to prepare your child, you can equip them to deliver their best and enjoy the experience along the way!

1. Encourage Them To Have Fun 

Did you know, or has it ever occurred to you, that the Chinese character for “music” is the same as that for “joy”? That’s just a little reminder that music and performance is something to be enjoyed! Helping your child develop a positive attitude allows them to look forward to the audition, rather than dread it. Yes, they should approach the audition seriously. But the mentality of having fun will undoubtedly enhance their motivation to prepare for the performance!

2. Practise, Practise, Practise  

Naturally, it is vital that your child knows their performance inside out. In the critical period leading up to the audition, you can help them by crafting a practice schedule — with allocated time for studies and breaks, of course. With enough practice, it will bolster their confidence knowing they won’t forget a line or miss a step on the actual day. A fun way to help your child practise is to have them stage a full dress rehearsal at home, with family members acting as judges! Practice performing to a live audience, no matter how small, can nurture your kids’ confidence and train them to be goal oriented too.

You might be tempted to preach “practice makes perfect”, but utter perfection shouldn’t really be the goal. Your child should strive to do their personal best, regardless of other auditioners. 

3. Go Over Audition Etiquette

Your kid knows exactly what to do once the music starts — but what about when they walk into the room? Brushing up on their audition etiquette is a key step in preparations. Start by deciding on audition attire ahead of time, selecting an outfit that is appropriate yet comfortable for them. 

Go through what it takes to make a strong first impression the moment they enter through the door. Pay attention to details — their posture, smile and body language. You can also practise with them on how to introduce themselves and thank the judges, so they can do so confidently when the time comes. 

4. Stay Calm, Parents! 

It’s common for parents to want to push your children to excel. In reality though, much of the stress that many children experience stem from the fear of not meeting high expectations. Not just from parents, but from teachers, friends, fellow performers and themselves. 

With this in mind, it’s good to be sensitive to the pressure your child may be facing. By being a positive role model and a source of support, it can help your child feel less burdened, and more motivated to do well. Trade criticisms for genuine praise for their efforts, and be their #1 cheerleader. A simple, “Go on and try again, I’m sure you’ll get it right!” can even work.

5. Equip Them With a Champion Mindset  

MindChamps Académie of Stars believes in performing with a Champion Mindset. That means encouraging talented performing arts students to adopt the practice of “100% Respect and Zero Fear”. This outlook can give your child not only the strength to overcome audition fears, but also the resilience to embrace failure as simply a stepping stone to success. 

Support your child’s preparation and development by enrolling them into performance-based programmes! MindChamps Académie of Stars offers specialised programmes in Singing, Acting and Musical Theatre led by professionals in the fields. Apart from improving technical skills, lessons will focus on developing confidence, communication and teamwork. 

Upon completion, students will be well-equipped for auditions, performances and certifications from international examination boards. Protégés from MindChamps Académie of Stars have even performed in milestone events around the world, clinching coveted spots at the annual charity ChildAid Concerts since 2005.  In the words of genius inventor Alexander Graham Bell, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”  For more information about the performance art and audition coaching programmes at MindChamps Académie of Stars, call +65 9114 3218 or email [email protected].