How To Identify Your Child’s Strength In Performing Arts

Have a little actress at home? Or perhaps, a budding singer? The performing arts is a great place for children’s social emotional learning and development. From music and dance classes to theatre, the performing arts is where children have the chance to tap into their emotions and explore self-expression. 

As Singapore’s premier performing arts school, MindChamps Académie of Stars offers holistic programmes in music, singing, dance and communications. Not only are the programmes offered fun and engaging, but they also allow children to be who they are and develop the skills they need for success later in life. 

With a focus on the Champion Mindset, students develop confidence, communication and collaboration skills. By working together with other children, their abilities to empathise and build relationships improve as well. How can children be nurtured to bring out the budding talents in them? 

1. Expose them to various types of performance arts 

The first step to identifying your child’s natural talents for the arts is to increase their awareness and exposure to the field itself. Because children have an innate curiosity, it is a good time to show them the wide range of possibilities available in performing arts. 

You can start with small but impactful activities. Fuel their creativity through arts and crafts on the weekends. Dance to their favourite songs. Play dress-up in their favourite Disney characters and act out scenes. Make bedtime stories fun with dramatic storytelling. Bringing them to interactive exhibitions and musicals can also incite interest. 

By giving them the opportunity to try different art forms, it gets easier to see where their interests lie. 

2. Build on their skills by enrolling them into relevant programmes

Finding the right performing arts programme for your child takes a little bit of trial and error. 

The Stars Performance Training is a triple threat programme, combining singing, dancing and acting for performance training. For the younger ones aged four to six years old, TWINKLESTARS is the perfect place to explore and hone their skills. 

On top of gaining performance arts skills, they will also deepen their teamwork skills, build confidence and entertain unique ideas. Early childhood development is crucial to shaping their later years, so learning to do so in a fun environment is a win-win for parent and child. 

3. Support them along the journey

Above all else, nothing matters more to children than the support and encouragement they receive from their parents. 

Adopting a strength-based parenting approach will give children the belief and resilience they need to pursue their ambition. From participating in creative activities with them to offering them the right platforms to explore and grow, parental involvement can help them feel secure. 

Nurturing children’s interest in the performing arts does more than aid their dreams of becoming an actor, singer or dancer one day. It bolsters their self-esteem, teaches them the value of pursuing passion and to be unafraid. Such skills are hard to teach on their own, but the arts present the occasion to do so in an indirect but more meaningful way. By offering programmes that develop children holistically, MindChamps Académie of Stars offers an avenue for children to explore and pursue their passions early. Start them young!