How Singing and Dancing can Benefit Your Preschooler

A child’s early years are crucial for their development. It is during this time that they learn essential skills such as communication, self-discipline and teamwork. By first providing opportunities for your preschooler to develop in these areas, your child can reach their full potential with confidence as they grow. Singing and dancing are two activities that can nurture your child’s development.

Through singing classes for children, your child can learn about pitch, rhythm and dynamics. It also helps them foster their language skills and improve memory. On the other hand, dancing lessons can strengthen your child’s coordination, balance and motor skills. It also helps them improve their social skills and build confidence. This article will give an in-depth look into the benefits of these activities. 

How does singing help a child’s development?

1. Develop their communication skills

Among the many benefits of singing, this activity can be extremely useful to develop your child’s language skills as they learn to articulate the words and sounds they are hearing. As your child grasps the pronunciation of words in a song, they may also apply them in a conversation. By learning to control their breathing and produce clear sounds, your child is also developing the muscles in their face and throat that are necessary for speaking. Through singing, your child can also be exposed to new words and phrases. Especially if your child shows interest in singing, don’t be afraid to belt out a few tunes with your little one!

2. Learn how to multi-task

Children often learn best by doing. So when it comes to learning how to multi-task, it can be helpful for them to take up singing classes for children. During the lessons, they have to use their lungs and their vocal cords to produce sound. At the same time, they also have to use their breath to control the pitch and volume of their voice. This requires coordination and focus, two skills that are essential for successful multi-tasking. As they practice, they will get better and better at multi-tasking. 

3. Improve their memory

In addition, singing can also develop your child’s memory and concentration. When your child is exposed to music, the two hemispheres of the brain work together to process the information. This helps to improve brain function and enhances memory. By engaging both sides of the brain, singing can helps your child to store and remember information more effectively. 

How does dancing help a child’s development?

Besides singing, dancing is another fun and engaging activity that your child can participate in. Here’s why:

1. Increase spatial awareness

As your child begins to explore the world around them, they start to develop a sense of space. This is known as spatial awareness, and it is an important part of your child’s development. One way that your child can develop spatial awareness is through dancing. When your child dances, they are constantly moving their body in relation to the space around them. This helps them to become more aware of their own body as well as the movements of other children.

2. Learn about teamwork

By dancing with others, your child will also learn how to cooperate, take turns, and share space. In order to execute even the simplest choreography, dancers need to be able to work together seamlessly. Your child will need to learn to work together in order to create a cohesive performance. This means learning to listen to the other dancers, following directions, and working together to create a synchronised routine. Through dance, your child can learn the importance of communication and cooperation, both of which are essential skills for success as they grow older.

3. Boost their physical development

As your child discovers their interests and becomes more confident in their abilities, they may also experiment with more complicated movements. Regular dancing can help to build strong muscles, improve your child’s coordination and increase their range of motion. Gradually, your child will be able to try new moves and execute them with greater control. In addition, the improved balance that comes from dancing can help to prevent falls and injuries.

At MindChamps Académie of Stars, we combine singing, dancing and acting in the STARS Performance Training. From as early as 4 years old, your preschooler has countless opportunities to engage in a wide range of activities that support their development. Along with speech and drama classes, your child can reap the above benefits of both singing and dancing at MindChamps Academie of Stars. Get in touch to find out more about the programmes today.