How Running TikTok LIVE Shows Can Help Your Child In Public Speaking

Everybody knows what TikTok is and how its popularity rose beyond the skies with snappy 15-second videos that piggybacked on our very short attention spans. Introducing it to your child also has plenty of benefits, as the aforementioned article notes. This includes practising their singing and acting skills with a variety of TikTok challenges, of course, in a safe manner. 

When it comes to flexing their public speaking muscles, these bite-sized clips sure offer a conducive platform. However, if you want to recreate real-life environments which characterise a key aspect of public speaking, exploring the world of TikTok LIVE could reveal some enjoyable merits.

How does TikTok LIVE work?

As the word “live” suggests, TikTok LIVE enables creators to produce video content and interact with audiences in real-time. From Q&A and multi-user streams to keyword filters, TikTok LIVE allows creators to safely and collaboratively engage target audiences, making it a useful branding tool for both entrepreneurs and artistes. 

Presently, one can only go live on TikTok if they are above 16 years old and have 1,000 followers and above. Due to safety concerns, TikTok LIVE may not open up to younger users even if they have the Family Pairing switched on. This does not mean that your child cannot leverage this powerful avenue to work those public speaking skills virtually.

If you own a TikTok account and hit the minimum audience base, your child will be able to run TikTok LIVE shows with your guidance. Alternatively, you can create an account and build it up for your child first. The power TikTok has shown in the performing arts scene makes it an incredible space for your child to showcase their talent to a global audience. It will thus bode well for your aspiring Champ to expand their creativity on this social media platform, build a base of followers and finally go live.

Let Your Child Speak Their Minds On TikTok LIVE

The performing arts scene isn’t just about singing, dancing or acting. Expanding its definition of being a creative activity performed in front of an audience, public speaking is also an artistic exercise — using the power of words to capture attention, hooking them to an engaging discourse. Your child does the same on stage behind the mic and they can do the same on TikTok LIVE. The latter, however, offers more enticing benefits.

1. Your Child Can Engage With A Larger Audience

The impact of public speaking in-person is limited to its audience, unless the performance is recorded and shared on various online platforms, such as on Instagram as part of your child’s portfolio or a community website. On TikTok LIVE, your Champ can engage with a wide variety of audiences not restricted geographically, at any given time. This allows them to practise their public speaking skills and be aware of cultural sensitivities when interacting with a global audience. 

Your child will gradually emerge a global citizen who speaks with empathy. 

2. Your Child Can Answer Questions Independently & Productively

The Q&A feature on TikTok LIVE streamlines the discussion with audiences by helping your child collate popular questions and preparing a response on the spot. This helps them think on their feet, make connections between different public viewpoints and offer possible solutions or extensions of arguments wherever relevant. 

Being a social media platform also means that your child may be exposed to certain vulnerabilities like keyboard warriors. TikTok LIVE’s keyword filters lets you or your child automatically remove comments that come with words or phrases previously flagged. This keeps the discussion focused and productive.

3. Your Child Can Collaborate With Guest Speakers

Using multi-user streams, your child can run live shows with like-minded speakers who could be a classmate from the same school or a professional. TikTok LIVE could be an avenue for your child to organise a series of shows that invites various guest speakers from different domains to discuss issues that are globally relevant. Your child practises hosting and interviewing, both of which taps on their public speaking capabilities. 

Train The Champion Communicator In Your Little One

Public speaking is all about discourse, audience and impact, but for these three elements to flourish, communication and speech has to hit the right spot. On TikTok Live, this is no different. Considering public speaking or speech classes for your child can go a long way in cementing their confidence on the stage. If your child shows keen interest in the world of vlogs and podcasts, sign them up for the new course at MindChamps Académie of Stars – Champion Communication for Teens: Social Media Broadcasting. Your little one will be taught how to conduct reviews, deliver a sales pitch and express themselves in a variety of ways online. 

Above all, this programme trains children in their speech and public speaking skills, covering the 7 Cs for effective communication. This includes developing the Champion Mindset that adopts 100% Respect and Zero Fear™ in reaching the height of their performing arts skills. This way, your child emerges from these classes as a confident communicator, bravely rocking the stage one TikTok LIVE show at a time.

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