How Performing Arts Double Up As P1 Preparatory Classes

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The transition between preschool or kindergarten to primary school is tough for many children in Singapore. Not only do they need to get used to new routines, schedules, and people, but they are also introduced to more focused and academically-rigorous subjects as well.

As parents, you want to help your child have the best adjustment possible to their new life in Primary 1. One way to do so is by signing your child up for a formal P1 preparatory class. These classes are often aimed at children between 5 to 7 years old, and may cover academic subjects such as English and Mathematics, or skills such as time management and self-confidence.

However, did you know that performing arts classes can often have the same effect in preparing your child for P1? Here at MindChamps Académie of Stars, we believe in the power of the performing arts to cultivate confident, reassured, and intellectually curious children ready to face whatever their P1 years has to throw at them.

Have a look at just some of the benefits your P1 child can gain from the programmes here at our performing arts school in Singapore:

1. Raised cultural awareness and appreciation

From singing lessons to speech and drama classes, the programmes at our performing arts school cultivate cultural awareness in our students by exposing them to a wide variety of artistic forms and genres. Our instructors always take the extra step to show appreciation to the different cultures these art forms originate from – moving from simple appreciation to a deeper respect.

This exposure to different cultures will help your P1 child build friendships with others, learn how to approach new situations and people with curiosity rather than apprehension, and prepare them to be global citizens and leaders.

2. Enhanced empathy and compassion

At the core of the performing arts is a deep desire to connect with others around us. This could take the form of a performer’s connection with the audience while they’re up on the stage, or in the way a performer connects with their next role or character.

Students at our performing arts school are encouraged to reduce their emotional suppression and get in touch with the emotional core of their performance, such as through musical theatre classes that require both acting and singing. This builds up their kindness, empathy, and compassion by encouraging them to put themselves into the shoes of others – key qualities for any P1 child to have.

3. Improved self-confidence and communication skills

One of the clearest benefits of attending a performing arts school is an improvement in your child’s confidence and sense of self. Constructive criticism and failure are part and parcel of the creative process, and are key to improving a performer’s skills.

That’s why we encourage students to adopt a 100% Respect and Zero Fear™ attitude and a Champion Mindset. This means embracing failure as a stepping stone to success, breaking through fear to push their boundaries, and having the confidence to celebrate their own unique and creative self. We even offer public speaking courses for children and teenagers who wish to advance their effective communication skills.

As your child enters the new and unfamiliar world of P1, these qualities will give them the self-assurance to face new experiences and challenges.

Introduce your Child to the Performing Arts with MindChamps Académie of Stars

When the time comes to let your child walk through the gates to their primary school, you’ll want the reassurance and knowledge that they can face their anxieties and fears head-on. The P1 adjustment period is difficult for parents too, and knowing that your child has the skills they need to navigate a variety of new and unfamiliar situations will surely give you peace of mind.

That’s why MindChamps Académie of Stars offers a 2-day P1 preparatory class to help prepare your child for the challenges they will face in their primary school life. Rather than covering academic subjects or competencies, our preparatory class focuses on leadership skills, confidence-building, social skills, teamwork, and other capabilities that will help your child through their primary school years and beyond.

Get in touch to find out more about our regular performing arts programmes, speech and drama holiday programmes, and other school holiday workshops.