How Performing Arts Classes Teach Children Leadership Skills

For some parents in Singapore, the thought of enrolling your child in performing arts classes brings about a dilemma. Namely, weighing your child’s interest in the performing arts with how the classes can contribute to their long-term growth and development.

However, it is a false assumption that performing arts classes only impart artistic skills in their students. Children stand to gain and improve many other life skills through acting, singing, dancing, or musical theatre classes. One such life skill is leadership skills, which will benefit them in all aspects of their lives to come.

1. Flexible and quick thinking

One of the clearest leadership skills your child will learn through performing arts classes is the ability to thick quickly and on their feet. The performing arts value being able to respond to spontaneity with creativity, whether through improvisation segments in their acting classes, writing their own songs for singing classes, or knowing how to change things up on the spot if something goes wrong during a musical performance.

Being able to think fast and confidently follow through with a new plan is an important leadership skill that is transferable across a variety of circumstances and situations.

2. Self-confidence

Another key leadership skill is having the self-confidence and discipline to make important decisions. The performing arts industry – regardless of your child’s chosen medium of expression – is highly competitive and developing your child’s confidence is crucial if they intend to continue pursuing their craft.

Activities such as solo monologues, improvised dialogue, or stage performances (whether solo or in a group) all go a long way to building your child’s self-confidence. The collaborative nature of performing arts classes also means that they will be constructively challenged throughout the rehearsal and performance process, pushing them to gain the intuition needed to be decisive even under tough circumstances.

3. Active listening

Today’s model of a good leader isn’t just one that can make tough decisions when no one else can. The best leaders should also be able to listen to others, and thoughtfully consider a variety of perspectives before deciding on what’s the best option for the group. 

The performing arts are nothing without teamwork and even the best solo performer needs to rely on others to truly shine on the stage. Being immersed in such an environment through performing arts classes helps improve your child’s active listening skills, and also imbues them with the humility needed to truly shine as a leader in their own right.

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