How Can Dance Education Benefit Children?

MindChamps Académie of Stars believes in the importance of helping your child develop holistic, triple-threat performance skills covering singing, dancing and acting. The STARS Performance Training programme allows young learners to master both technique and performance skills across the three previously mentioned areas. Bring out the best in your child with a programme designed to nurture him or her into a well-rounded, confident and versatile performer equipped with a three-pronged competitive advantage. 

This blog focuses on the ways in which a dance education—one of the triple threats—can benefit children. Movement is an intrinsic part of being human. When the body intentionally moves along with rhythm for its own sake, that becomes dancing. A dancer sculpts space with her body just as a sculptor sculpts clay with his hands. Such is the beauty and dignity of dance. When coupled with singing and acting, a dance education has the potential to bring various benefits to the table. 

1. Increased Physical Health

Enjoying an improved physical health is an important advantage that dancing can bring to the body. Beyond staying fit, dance training also offers your child’s body many physical benefits. These include increased agility and flexibility, better coordination and motor skills, greater endurance and muscular strength and stronger bones. Specifically, studies have demonstrated the positive benefits of dance on childhood obesity. This art form has proven to be a good weight management strategy. 

2. Increased Mental Health

The dancing body is an instrument that produces art. Participating in dance promotes self-expression, which builds confidence, self-esteem and a strong sense of personal identity in children. Mental resilience often goes hand-in-hand with physical resilience. Mastering new creative movements offer self-reflection opportunities for kids to grow to become more empathetic towards the struggles and triumphs of other dancers in the community.  

3. Improved Social Skills

At MindChamps Académie of Stars, young performers interact with other peers in their age group both competitively and socially. Collaborative opportunities and teamwork are central to a communal activity like dancing. Additionally, dancers will have the opportunity to participate in a Mid-Year “Stellar” Concert and a Year-End Concert, the “Académie Awards Show”, to showcase their progress in mastering a triple-threat skill set in a fun and exciting way.

4. Social and Cultural Awareness 

Analysing, learning and performing different pop and musical theatre narratives from around the world allow students to appreciate the diversity of expression across different cultures. At the same time, these young performers will witness the kinaesthetic similarities that we share as a human family and as owners of a human body. Your child will also learn to appreciate the value and experience of performing for an audience and learn how to conduct themselves professionally, not only on stage but also the decorum they should possess while backstage.

5. Cognitive Development

While dancing might seem like nothing more than a series of steps to the untrained eye, higher-order cognitive skills are needed to successfully execute physical movements. More importantly, they help communicate meaning through creative expression. This vocabulary of movement is mastered by turning abstract concepts into physical choreographies with one’s own body. It speaks not only of physical discipline but also cognitive maturity. 

STARS Certifications

STARS performers will walk away from the MindChamps Académie of Stars  programme equipped with a triple-threat arsenal of performing skills in acting, singing and dancing, as well as certifications that reflect their efforts and success. TwinkleStars (4 – 6 years old) will receive Trinity Young Performers Certificates in either Bronze, Silver or Gold, while YoungStars (7 – 12) and TeenStars (13 – 16) will receive MindChamps Académie of Stars Certificates of Achievements corresponding to Grades 1 – 8. Ultimately, participating in the MindChamps Académie of Stars will not only help your child master triple-threat skills for increased performance opportunities and an appreciation for the performing arts, but also allow your child to get in touch with and confidently differentiate his or her unique self.

For more information about the performance art programmes offered at MindChamps Académie of Stars, feel free to get in touch with us at +65 9114 3218 or [email protected]