Increased knowledge and popularity of DSA makes the selection process more competitive. This comprehensive DSA preparation program prepares students of any talent for the DSA interview process and questions which are imperative to the selection process.

The program consists of four modules :  

1. Preparing the Mindset : Expect the Unexpected  
2. Practice of Better Speech : Speech Technique
3.  Developing a  Champion Mindset* 
4.  Interview Technique and Practice 


11 -12 years old

90 mins per week / 40 weeks ( p5)
90 mins per week / 20 weeks (p6)
180 mins per week / 4 weeks ( Intensive p6)

Grade 3 – 5

Curriculum Overview

Preparing the Mindset : Expect the Unexpected
In this module, the student will experience exercises that nurtures their creativity, encouraging their spontaneity and positivity to receive and respond to DSA interview questions. In cultivating their "Say Yes" attitude, we help students open their minds to possibilities of different scenarios and unexpected questions that can occur during DSA interviews.

Practice of Better Speech : Speech Technique
Striving for clarity and audibility, the student will be taught elocutions skills with clarity of speech as the forefront focus. Clear articulation depicts confidence and will help students impress a DSA interview panel with ease and assurance.

Developing a Champion Mindset
Unique only to MindChamps Académie of Stars, this module focuses on nurturing "100% respect and zero fear"™ to differentiate our students from all others. The student learns how to stand out amongst the rest of the DSA contenders with a nurtured Champion mindset, empowering them with the ability to best present their unique self with confidence when tackling the DSA interview whatever questions come their way.

Interview Technique and Practice
In the final module, the student will learn vital interview techniques and be put through a mock DSA interview to complete the program. Parents will be given a video of the mock DSA interview to assess the level of confidence and readiness of their child with regards to their preparation for the real DSA interview.

  • Prepare students for the DSA interview process
  • Nurture effective communication skills in students: clarity, concision, eloquence
  • Give students adequate practice with the DSA interview process and possible questions
  • Develop the Champion Mindset in students
  • Enhance confidence and impressiveness of students

Upon completion of our DSA Interview Preparation Programme, the student will possess:

  • Knowledge in preparing an impressive CV and portfolio
  • Required skills to prepare their audition reels
  • Ability to handle any question for DSA interviews