December Holiday Activity Idea:  Performing Arts Classes

The December holidays are always a great opportunity for children to fully enjoy their time and explore new outlets of expression or creative activities. If your child gets pumped and excited to watch their favourite idols take on the stage, why not use this school holiday to let them experience the joy of performance too? 

Enrolling your child in workshops that expose them to the performing arts such as acting, singing or dancing, could have many positive effects on their development and growth. In this article, we delve deeper into these potential benefits, encouraging parents to see performing arts classes as their child’s next holiday activity of choice.

1. Boost Self-Confidence

If you’re looking for activities during the school holidays, you’d want to consider those that allow developmental impact on your child. It is no news that being involved in the performing arts at a young age can boost one’s self-confidence. In fact, a recent study conducted on more than 6000 youths have shown that individuals who were engaged in arts activities at a younger age score higher than average on questions related to self-esteem. As arts activities like singing, painting, dancing or reading challenges children to take charge of their improvement, it may give rise to positive feelings of self-accomplishment and enhances self-empowerment. 

2. Expand Social Circles and Sharpen Social Skills

In school, your child will mingle with a relatively small group of peers they see almost every day. However, joining performing arts classes can provide them with the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals and build new friendships. As they explore their interest in the performing arts together, they learn how to cooperate and communicate better with one another, developing valuable social skills that will come in handy in any future field or workplace. 

In addition, when your child experiences different facets of the performance art school productions, they learn to develop empathy and is given a chance to broaden their horizons with more knowledge of the world around them. From performing morality tales in musical theatre classes to singing songs from different cultural backgrounds in vocal lessons, all these experiences in the performing arts can enrich your child’s perspectives in impactful ways. 

Furthermore, as there are no other distractions or deadlines for homework submissions during school holidays, your child can truly immerse themselves in these art activities to fully engage all aspects of their creative expressions freely. 

3. Lay the Foundation for Future Creative Pursuits

The performing arts offer a great platform for children to explore their creativity. Through different performing arts activities, they learn to use their imagination and think outside the box. As they experiment with various ways to express themselves, they develop a better understanding of themselves; their strengths, weaknesses, unique talents to become more confident in their capabilities. This exposure to creative thinking at a young age can have a lasting impact on your child, opening up new opportunities for them as they grow older. Who knows, your child may even find their calling in the performing arts and go on to pursue it as a career in Singapore or abroad!

More importantly, it is crucial to recognise that schools may not have the kind of space, platform or resources to enable these types of creative programmes, so parents can consider their child to performing arts during the school holidays as a trial before enrolling them for regular performing arts classes. 

Parents should also keep a look out for certain traits in their children to enrol them in performing arts classes that are more suited to their personality and skills. For example, children with a good sense of rhythm might be more interested in singing or dancing and children who are naturally more confident and expressive could shine brightly in theatre classes. 

Leading Performing Arts School in Singapore with December Holiday Workshops

For parents who are intrigued by the possibilities for a more holistic child development through performing arts, workshops at MindChamps Académie of Stars is a perfect choice for you. 

Known as one of the most outstanding performing arts school in Singapore, MindChamps Académie of Stars features a lean team of coaches and instructors who are experienced professionals. With the capacity and passion to impart only the best performing techniques to your child, you can be rest assured for they are in good hands. 

During the school holidays, we offer a range of workshop activities for children aged 5 to 12 years old which they can enrol in to explore their creativity and build a stronger sense of self. 

With benefits like improving self-confidence, fostering better social skills and tapping into creative potentials, your child will not only enjoy our performing arts classes but also start school next year with new perspectives and skills! To attain more information on our school holiday workshops, simply fill in this enquiry form which will be responded to as soon as possible. Alternatively, book a visit to our centre to know more about our curriculum and space.