Making Music: Creating Your Child’s First Viral TikTok Song

There is no doubt that TikTok has skyrocketed in terms of popularity becoming one of the most used social media platforms. Posed as the ultimate social network for sharing user-generated videos, it is now a go-to platform for educational and informational clips that impart knowledge in addition to being a safe space to run TikTok LIVE Shows and jump on the trending TikTok video recreation bandwagon. However, the hottest social media site actually began as a music-focused social app where most users posted lip-synching videos. With global superstars having their careers change overnight by simply having their songs go viral on the platform, TikTok has been transforming the way hopeful artists create and showcase their own music. If your child has musical aspirations and dreams of seeing success on TikTok, here are some tips to get their music into the mix and inspire creativity and bring joy.

Kickstarting the Creative Endeavour

Music is one of the richest ways for your child to be creative and express themselves artistically. Whether they have had any training in music or attended singing classes, the good news with open platforms like TikTok is that they can start wherever they are and make progress as they learn the art of music-making over time. If you and your child are new to the world of music production, here are a few of the necessary steps to make great music.

1. Songwriting

TikTok and music-making are all about authenticity. Take this opportunity to have your child be completely honest with themselves and dig deep to write about anything and everything that comes to mind. Be it their successes, sources of happiness, or even relationships, being unapologetically themselves when songwriting will not only showcase their human side but also build a strong relationship with the audience. After all, music lovers relate to people, not objects. And with TikTok being a space for everyday people to create impromptu content for entertainment purposes, assure your child that everything does not have to be perfect. Just make songwriting fun!

Head out, get some inspiration and every time your child has an idea, encourage them to record the lyrics with a voice recorder. This not only leaves space for discovery but is also a great way to break through any writer’s block. After the lyrics are settled, they can then figure out how to play their songs instrumentally.

2. Arranging and Tracking

Making music with digital tools has never been more accessible with free music creation software like GarageBand. Fully equipped with a music creation studio with instruments and vocal sounds, making music like a pro will be a breeze. Leverage tools like these to dive into the next key steps of music-making – arranging and tracking. The former is all about making the song sound interesting. From the first verse to the chorus, the arrangement of all the instruments needs to flow to have a climatic impact and have listeners hooked. While TikTok may have started rolling out the ability for users to upload videos that are ten minutes long, fifteen-second clips still do exist! Therefore, if your child has written a stellar chorus or a verse, creating an arrangement just for that more than suffices – take things one step at a time, there is no pressure to create an entire song from the get-go.

Then comes the tracking, which is simply the recording of every element. Before the tracking stage, everything remains as an idea, a collection of various musical thoughts and ideas. Tracking brings everything together and makes the world of you and your child thus far tangible. Cheer your child as they give the performance of a lifetime when you push the record and let the music they have written come to life.

3. Editing and Mixing

Once your child has aced the recording, it is time to clean and tighten everything with editing. Be it the deletion of unwanted background noises or removing any faded audio clips, edit the recordings to create a professional-sounding song. And last but not least, mixing, which turns the track into a masterpiece. Think of it as the works of an orchestra. By combining the various tracks and recorded files, mixing allows the creation of a sound that is up to your child’s liking. Even though the art form of mixing can take years to master, there are several software and apps that you can download onto a laptop and have your child experiment and fix their tunes with a click.

Get Your Child’s Music to Go Viral on TikTok

TikTok videos are known to spread like wildfire. The more entertaining the video, the more viral it gets, increasing the possibility of your child’s music reaching a wider audience. Since accounts for TikTok users under the age of 16 are automatically set to private, it would be a practical move for you to sign up for an account so that they have full access to the platform before uploading their new masterpiece.

Once the song is ready, it is time to upload it onto your TikTok account in a unique way so that it goes viral. Here are some great ways to promote your child’s music.

1. Create a TikTok Challenge

Celebrities do it and so can your little one! Music challenges are all the rage on TikTok and can be easily picked up by a large group of viewers, even those on other social media networks. Have your child get creative with some cool and easy-to-follow dance moves and record them grooving to the music they have created.

2. Use Hashtags

The power of hashtags should never be underestimated in the 21st century. Do a quick Google search of the topmost trending hashtags and see which ones are most relevant to the video you are about to upload. Better yet, if your child is serious about growing their TikTok account and having their music cross borders, you could even get their creative juices flowing by having them come up with a unique hashtag to truly call their own.

3. Post Regularly

Fuel the fire of your child’s passion for music and performing by getting them to post regularly. Be it snippets of their new song or a fun video of family and friends dancing to the newly released tune, having an active TikTok channel will keep viewers on their toes. If your child has a knack for other things that can be captured in video form, TikTok is also the perfect place to showcase their talents for the world to see while simultaneously developing them in the art of performing. 

Train a Viral TikToker in Your Little One

With TikTok changing the performing arts scene for children, it has undoubtedly provided a global stage for young and promising talents. Considering singing or performing arts classes can go a long way in cementing their confidence in putting their music out for the world to witness. If your child shows a keen interest in the world of singing and performing, sign them up for performance training and vocal training lessons for children at MindChamps Académie of Stars. Your little one will be taught how to use their voices properly so as to set foundations for their singing careers in and out of TikTok. Get in touch to find out more about our vocal training classes for children and other performing arts programmes today.