Can My Child Have A Career In The Performing Arts?

As a parent, you want nothing more than for your child to be happy and successful in whatever they choose to do with their life. And while there are many traditional routes to success, you may be wondering if a career in the performing arts is right for them.

The performing arts can offer your child plenty of benefits, such as enhancing their creativity skills and teaching them the value of discipline. Moreover, several studies have proven that singing, dancing and acting can have a significant impact on cognitive development and memory.

With the right training and preparation, a career in the performing arts can be an incredibly rewarding experience. So, how can you get your child started on this path?

1. Ensure Your Child Has An Interest

It’s only natural as parents to guide your child in choosing the right career. Yet, it’s important to identify if there’s inherent interest. While you may think that all children are naturally creative and would enjoy being on stage or in front of the camera, that’s not always the case. Some children prefer to stay behind the scenes or may not feel comfortable performing in front of an audience. If your child shows an interest in acting, singing, dancing, or any other form of performing arts, then it’s worth considering ways to sharpen their skills.

2. Encourage Consistent Training

A successful career in the performing arts requires professional training. Once you’re sure that your child has a keen liking for and is serious about pursuing it, encourage them to take classes and participate in workshops. Perhaps, your child does not know exactly which artistic form to dive into. As such, these avenues are a fantastic way for you to identify where your child’s strengths lie in the performing arts.

At MindChamps Académie of Stars in Singapore, your child has the opportunity to dip their toes into this artistic world through a variety of workshops and programmes. Start them off with musical theatre classes so they can explore the intricacy of live acting or have them attend speech and drama workshops for more focused training. Singing classes are also available for the aspiring vocalist.

If your child is enthusiastic about singing, acting and dancing altogether, they can consider the STARS Performance Training and nurture their skills as a triple threat performer.

It’s good to be aware that your child may change their mind after going through these training sessions and workshops. This can happen once they realise that their interest was driven by curiosity and enticement; what they experienced eventually was not in line with what they had expected. Rest assured – that is perfectly normal. After all, this is the right time for your child to explore what they like and don’t.

That said, it can still be beneficial for your child to continue with practice as performing arts can offer numerous life skills that’ll help them in the future. For instance, acting classes can boost your child’s confidence while dance education can improve both their mental and physical health.

Musical theatre and acting classes can also teach your child the importance of teamwork and cooperation as well as develop stronger emotional regulation.

3. Participate In Competition

The next step in building a career in the performing arts is to expose themselves to competition. This is a great way for your child to showcase their talents and get noticed by industry professionals. More importantly, they’ll be able to hear from practitioners how they can improve themselves. Being able to receive and apply constructive feedback teaches your child to be confident learners. They’ll eventually learn to be brave and confident enough to overcome any challenges faced – a valuable trait for any performer!

There are many competitions available for young performers, both locally and globally. Getting in touch with their performing arts educator is one way you can find the platforms to take your child to.

4. Build A Portfolio of Work

As your child attends competitions and performances, they will need to start building a portfolio of their work. This can include videos of performances, headshots, and writing samples (if they are interested in pursuing writing for the stage or screen). A strong portfolio can help them showcase their skills to potential employers and when they apply for auditions.

There are many ways to set up their portfolio, starting with social media tools. Through Instagram stories and posts, your child can create their own content and upload past works.

TikTok is also a fantastic platform for your child to nurture their talents and catch the public eye with their skills – the content they produce can form their portfolio. Since there are privacy concerns on such platforms, it is a good idea to introduce TikTok to your child (or other social media platforms) and pay attention to safety issues as you do so.

A Career In The Performing Arts Starts With The Right School

Your choice of performing arts school can influence how successful your little one emerges as a performer. Singapore’s MindChamps Académie of Stars delivers all-rounded training programmes and workshops for the budding artist to explore their talents and hone them for the global stage. Arming them with the Champion Mindset through the practice of 100% Respect and Zero Fear™, your child can master their skills with finesse and nurture themselves into confident performers in the years to come. Book a tour at MindChamps Académie of Stars to learn more!