Are Acting Classes Necessary To Groom A Confident Child?


Acting classes are more than just fun play-pretend sessions for your children. Your child will gain many introspective insights as well as undergo instrumental character development through speech and drama classes.

How Do Acting Classes Help With Self-Confidence?

Acting classes is a performance-based speech and drama programme to help your children develop essential skills to pursue the art form – be it in Singapore or on stages beyond. Acting classes at MindChamps Académie of Stars is a comprehensive programme that covers a range of technical and non-technical skills. Through the activities and lessons planned, your child will discover her creative potential and express herself more authentically. 

1. Outlet for Creativity 

Theatrical acting classes offer your children the opportunity to express themselves freely. Lessons on role analysis, characterisation, and improvisation allow children to think creatively and develop interesting solutions through their voices, bodies, and performances.  

2. Public Speaking Skills

Joining a speech and drama class will tackle one of the most common fears young children have – public speaking. Just like any other skill, public speaking is a skill that can be practised. Guess what acting requires your child to do? That’s right! Acting involves your children standing on a stage learning to project their voice and articulate their lines in front of a group of spectators. In speech and drama, your children will learn how to speak and act in front of people confidently.

3. Pride in Achievements 

Speech and drama class helps children to realise their strengths and abilities. Investing time and effort to hone their acting skills will give them a sense of accomplishment. The feeling after the final closing curtain of a performance will be a testament to their hard work and dedication, something that your child can be proud of.

4. Making Plenty of New Friends

A theatre is a great place for your child to meet other children with similar interests. At the MindChamps Académie of Stars, we cultivate a supportive environment for children to learn interpersonal communication skills so they can relate to and form social bonds better with other young actors.

5. Emotional Regulation

The goal-oriented curriculum at MindChamps Académie of Stars sets it apart from other performing arts schools. The imaginative exercises that children undergo in speech and drama at MindChamps are an excellent way for children to recognise and explore their own emotions. Emotional control and intelligence are consequences of the creative and role-playing exercises the acting class have. Our speech and drama teachers will be there to guide your children in regulating and expressing their emotions in a creative, fun and healthy way.

Musical theatre and Singing classes

Acting in theatre is not the only way to boost confidence in your child. Other performance arts like musical theatre and singing are great platforms for your child to learn how to express herself and gain confidence.

Set your child up for success by building their self confidence with MindChamps Académie of Stars. Develop a Champion Mindset with our programmes in music, singing, acting, and dance. MindChamps Académie of Stars also teaches syllabi leading to international certifications like London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA), Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM) and Trinity College.