AGE: 9 years old and above

This is a performance-based program that students learn acting skills. The lessons consist of vocal exercises, physical warm-ups, theatre games, analysis of script, character and scene work. Students will present monologues and 2 to 3-persons scenes at the end of each semester.

Class Type
DESCRIPTION 7-12 years old group class
This specialisation can be used for DSA Preparation in Theatre / Drama

Trinity College Acting Certificates Grade 1-6

DURATION/SESSIONS • 90 minutes per session
• 20 sessions a term
• Based on Schedule
DESCRIPTION 13-19 years old group class

Trinity College Acting Certificates Grade 3-8

DURATION/SESSIONS • 90 mins per session, once a week
• 20 sessions in a term
ALL-STARS Theatre Company
DESCRIPTION By audition only.
DURATION/SESSIONS • 180 min once a week
• 20 weeks
DESCRIPTION ONE-TO-ONE lesson with Acting Trainer
1. In preparation for graded exams in Acting
2. DSA Preparation for Theatre or Drama required pieces
3. Competition
4. Audition Coaching
DURATION/SESSIONS • 7 year old and above
• 60 min per lesson from initial grade and above
• 20 hours in preparation for a grade
• Numbers of sessions: To be determined by the trainer/coach
• Lesson schedule: To be mutually agreed with trainer and students
  • Develop acting potential
  • Sharpen skills in interpretation of scripts through analysis
  • Ability to PERFORM pieces
    Improve communication and public speaking skills
  • Develop confidence
  • Develop social skills and teamwork through rehearsals and collaborations

Stage Performances : Actor's Showcase

Acting Graded Certification from

Level 1: Foundation TRINITY COLLEGE Grade 1-3
Level 2: Intermediate TRINITY COLLEGE: Grade 4-5
Level 3: Advance TRINITY COLLEGE Grade 6-8
(UCAS points Award FOR UK University admission)
Curriculum Overview
  • Voice production
  • Speech techniques
  • Characterization
  • Role analysis
  • Stage movement
  • Physical
  • Improvisation
  • Scene Study
  • Monologues
  • 2-3 persons scenes
  • Audition skills
  • Making slates / audition reels