6 Frequently Asked Questions Parents Have Regarding DSA in Singapore

Last year in 2021, Singapore implemented its new PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) scoring system. Following that, 12,100 pupils applied to one or more DSA spots to get into the school of their choice, an increase from the year prior. It comes as no surprise that more parents have encouraged their children to consider the DSA (Direct School Admission) route. 

If you’re one such parent, you probably have some questions about the DSA scheme, from the application procedure to what it takes to give your child the best chance to be accepted. 

Read on to find out all you need to know about the application process and how you can increase your child’s chances.

Frequently Asked Questions About Singapore’s DSA Applications

It can be quite confusing to navigate the ins and outs of DSA applications. To help you on your journey, here are six frequently asked questions regarding DSA in Singapore.

1. Who Can Apply For DSA?

To be eligible to put in an application under the DSA-Sec exercise, your child must be:

  • A Primary 6 student
  • Has a particular talent on which the DSA application can be based on (read question 4)

2. How Many Schools Can I Submit A DSA Application To?

Your child may apply to up to three different schools across any areas of talent they wish, up to three as well. If your child wants to apply to more than one talent area in the same school, they can only indicate up to two talent areas. These must also be indicated as separate choices.

3. What Does The DSA Application Process Look Like?

Once your child has their registration number, they can then access the DSA-Sec portal and submit applications to up to three schools in Singapore

The portal will automatically share your child’s Primary 5 and 6 academic results, school-based achievements and awards like Edusave and NAPFA, alongside their involvement in Co-Curricular Activities and Values in Action programmes.  

Different schools each have their own individual selection processes. However, when your child is shortlisted, they will need to attend interviews and auditions at their primary school, conducted by the DSA school to which they’ve applied. 

4. What Are All The Different Areas Of Interest?

The areas of interest include the following:

  • Leadership
  • Sports and games
  • Debate and public speaking
  • Science, mathematics and engineering
  • Languages and humanities
  • Visual, literary and performing arts
  • Uniformed groups

Provided your child has talents in one or more of these areas, they should consider applying.

5. How Long Does It Take To Find Out Results?

The results for your child’s DSA application are released at the same time as PSLE results in November.

6. What’s The Best Way To Prepare My Child For Their DSA Application?

It may be helpful to roleplay interviews with your child to help them practise their answers before the official interviews. However, unless you are well-versed in what DSA schools are looking for, it may be difficult to know precisely how they should answer. 

Ensure your child puts their best foot forward when applying for DSA

Through the Champion Mindset® taught at MindChamps Académie of Stars, your child will discover their unique self and effectively stand out from the crowd. The academy’s DSA Preparation Programme in Singapore is designed to help your child gain confidence and be ready to tackle any interview or audition during the application process.

Having been providing expert DSA preparation for interviews for over a decade, MindChamps Académie of Stars delivers a highly successful programme which includes four modules:

  • Preparing the Mindset: Expect the Unexpected
  • Speak Up and Speak Well
  • Developing a Champion Mindset®
  • Interview Techniques

For children who want to apply for the DSA with their talent in performing arts, our DSA Preparation Art Form will cover all the skills required and help build a portfolio for submission.

With such an extensive amount of experience, you can rest assured that your child works towards the best possible result. Book a visit to the centre to register your child or call +65 9114 3218 today!