5 Fun Trending TikTok Videos to Recreate as a Family

TikTok has taken the world by storm, now ranking as the most used social media app by young children globally. Fuelling its popularity is the hot trend of TikTok challenges, which are — in essence — open invitations to act or re-enact a song, dance, move, or movie scene and record it via TikTok video. 

Though such activity may seem trivial to parents, TikTok challenges present a good opportunity for some fun family bonding and a lifetime worth of laughs. Furthermore, recreating viral TikTok videos as a family can be a good way to encourage your children to explore their personal interests outside of their academics, such as singing, dancing, and acting — without first committing to classes. 

Here are 5 fun trending TikTok challenge videos you can try recreating as a family:

1. Siblings and Co-Parenting Challenge

A popular rendition of this TikTok challenge includes having your children lined up in front of a bucket of water each. Parents then take their place behind the children, and proceed to answer a series of “who is” and “most likely” questions such as: 

  • Who does better at school? 
  • Who takes longer to get ready? 
  • Who is more talkative? 
  • Who is most likely to lie about their report card?
  • Who is most likely to be arrested at some point of their lives?

Except that instead of a simple pointing of fingers, parents answer these questions by dunking the accused child’s head into the bucket of water in front of them. Then, the roles are reversed, and you can be sure your children will be more than enthusiastic in playing judge and jury for mom and dad.

2. Funkytown Macarena 

This viral TikTok challenge blends the classic macarena dance with disco track “Funky Town”. Though the choreography is simple enough, getting everyone in the family to coordinate their movements is by no means an easy task. Let your children take the lead and see if you can keep up with them. Oh, and there’s a caveat too: funny outfits and silly faces are a must for this challenge!

3. Memory Recreation

Everybody loves the nostalgic thrill of browsing through old family photographs. This TikTok challenge takes things up a notch and urges you to recreate that favourite family picture from years and years ago. Fish out your old outfits, practise your posing, and master your recreation of that specific facial expression. Then, video yourselves as you go about trying to get into your respective positions, as “I’m Just a Kid” from Simple Plan plays in the background. The results are bound to be priceless! 

4. Dancefloor Copycat

This one is for the children who have always wanted to go for dance classes. Dancefloor Copycat weaves “follow the leader” into an entire dance routine. Get your family lined up from the youngest to oldest, with the former starting off the challenge with any dance move of their choice. Those next in line then have to copy each move that was made before them, while also adding one of their own. Go for the most absurd dance moves you can think of and find out who in your family will be the first to slip up. 

5. Family Singing Challenge

Last on the list is the TikTok Family Singing challenge, a simple one that requires no props or preparation — just everybody gathered together within the frame of your phone’s camera. Agree on a song that all of you know, and take turns singing the same line one after another. For this viral TikTok challenge, try to include as many people as you can; grab your parents, siblings, nephews, and nieces. With increased diversity comes much more laughter as everyone learns of who is in the dire most need of singing classes in the family. 

Have a Great Time! 

Most importantly, make sure everybody has a great time when recreating these TikTok challenge videos! Who knows? Perhaps your children may even discover newfound interests amidst all the singing, dancing, acting, and laughing. 

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