4 Strategies To Help Your Child Find Their Singing Voice

As a parent, you want your child to be involved in activities that make them happy and help them grow as a person. One activity that can do both of those things is singing. Singing from an early age can instil confidence, build character, foster creativity, and have a positive effect on children’s brain development. However, getting started can be daunting for some children. They may be shy about singing in front of others or worry that they don’t have the “right” voice. Like other areas of early childhood development, musical development takes time and requires partaking in meaningful experiences.

Ways to Help Your Child Sing Confidently

If your child is struggling to find their singing voice, here are four strategies that may help:

1. Listen To A Wide Variety Of Music With Them

One way to help your child find their singing voice is to encourage them to listen to a wide variety of music. Listening to different genres and styles of music can give them a better sense of what they like and what they’re drawn to. It can also help them develop an ear for music and learn how to identify different musical elements. As they become more familiar with the music they enjoy, they may be more inclined to sing along and experiment with their own vocal styling and movement. 

2. Help Them Find A Role Model

Another strategy you can use to help your child find their singing voice is to help them find a role model. This could be a famous singer whose style they admire or someone closer to home, like a family member or friend. Having a role model can give your child someone to look up to and provide them with inspiration. It can also help them feel less alone in their journey to finding their singing voice. 

3. Take Them To See Live Music Performances

Taking your child to see live music performances is another great way to help them find their singing voice. Seeing live music can be an incredibly powerful experience that can stay with someone for a lifetime. It can also give your child a better sense of what goes into putting on a performance and the behind-the-scenes work of perfecting one’s craft. 

4. Encourage Them To Join A Choir Or Take Lessons

Finally, you may want to cheer on your child to join a choir or take singing lessons if they’re interested in doing so. Being part of a choir can teach children about teamwork, cooperation, and leadership. It can also provide them with an outlet for self-expression and help them build confidence. Taking vocal classes from a professional instructor can give children the opportunity to learn proper technique and develop their skills further.

Cultivate Your Child’s Singing Voice with MindChamps

Singing can be a wonderful activity for children of all ages. It has the power to nurture confidence, creativity, and character. If your child is struggling to find their singing voice, you can use these strategies to help them along the way. MindChamps Académie of Stars has singing lessons for children as well as performance-based programmes like musical theatre classes, and aSTARS performing training that involves a combination of singing, dancing and acting. As a leading performing arts school in Singapore, MindChamps Académie of Stars has a reputation for developing Singapore’s best young talents and enables their holistic progression. Our vocal classes will equip children with foundational vocal training techniques and skills to further grow their interest and innate talent in singing.

Get in touch now to find out more about vocal classes in Singapore for children. With patience and encouragement, you’ll watch your child grow into the confident singer you know they can be!