4 Drama Activities Your Child Will Love To Play With You

Drama games are great for children for many reasons. They are fun and engaging, boost confidence and improve self-expression. Additionally, they are perfect for bonding – after all, drama activities are usually done to entertain others.

In a riveting theatre performance, entertainers transport us to a whole new world with their professional storytelling. At home, children are the actors. They mimic their experiences and find new ways of sharing their thoughts through their own version of drama. 

If you are looking for new drama activities to do at home with your child, here are X interesting ideas.

Share and Tell

The wonderful aspect of Share and Tell is that it provides children with a space to communicate comfortably. Like the conventional Show and Tell where a participant holds an object and gives a commentary about it, Share and Tell requires them to choose a topic and say whatever comes to their mind. 

Whether fictional or not, the stories created by the participants will build stronger public speaking skills. It also encourages them to be as creative as possible in sharing their thoughts. To play, all you need is a chair, your child and yourself. Get her to sit on the chair and pick from a list of flashcards or items. To make it more challenging, write a list of words and get your child to use these words while sharing.

Stage a Show

You don’t need a real stage and curtains to act out a drama scene. Instead, make them from cardboard boxes and get your child to decorate the set with you. This is a fun bonding activity, too! Once your set is complete, you can start on the story together with your child.

The easiest way to put on a play with a young child is to use a story they already know. Choose who will be playing each character and start assigning out the lines. Or get your child to be the writer and narrator while the rest of the family act the scenes out themselves. The set can also be reused each time the drama inspiration strikes.

Set a Trend

Got unwanted clothes lying around in the wardrobe? It’s time to take them out because your child will be setting her own fashion trend. In this drama activity, your child will become a catwalk model or fashion designer. Have her select pieces of clothing they like and throw them together to make a glamorous outfit.

Take it one step further by styling her hair and putting on make-up. Once the outfits are complete, dim down the lights and let the fashion show begin – with music, of course. 

Finger Fun

Nimble fingers make for fun workers. In the game of finger puppeting, children will be able to use their little digits to put on a show. Start by gathering craft materials to make those finger puppets. Next, have fun creating personalised creatures and characters with them!

Like staging a drama performance, puppeting shows require a story and script. The good thing about this activity is that it doesn’t require participants to show their faces. This makes it perfect for those children who are less confident or have stage fright, and you can join in easily as well.

Life Lessons Through Drama

Drama activities involve a lot of self-awareness and creativity that can be hard to find in other activities. Actors are not just in charge of their own body, but they also need to react accordingly to the environment around them to develop a truly believable character.

Apart from DIY drama activities, performing arts classes are also a great way to help children grow into confident and creative individuals. At MindChamps Académie of Stars, our students will learn essential life skills through classes such as singing, theatre acting and music performances. They will also be able to forge valuable friendships with other students.

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